Hello, I’m Jackie! Welcome to my personal website. This space is for all my interests, my experiences, and learned knowledge  to come together and be shared with you all. I hope you find some interesting things on here. Whether you are interested to know about my line of work or you are simply looking for resources to help you live a fabulous healthy life.

A quick summary ABOUT ME:

I am a recent graduate from the USC Master of Public Health program. I served as an MPH Student Ambassador  for the program therefore if you have any questions about USC’s MPH program, feel free to send me a message through the CONTACT ME link. To find out when the next information session is, please visit the website for more information.

I have diverse experience in health policy, promotion, and education through my work in public health and non-profit settings including health departments, civic programs and philanthropy. As you will notice through my blog posts I am fascinated with  leadership development, public speaking, fitness and cooking. Yes, I love cooking and learning new recipes, especially when it’s very nutritious and full of strange ingredients. I do my best to stick to a whole plant-based diet and eat as clean as possible for the sake of my own health and our environment. I train to be strong, fit, and happy. There’s too much stress in this world to let ourselves be weak and I find that being fit and full of endorphins is just the right weapon to stay positive and optimistic. Triathlon training is my way of maintaining goals to keep me at a challenging pace, so you’ll see a lot of posts about this topic as well. I think it’s a fascinating sport and extremely overestimated. I have met so many beautiful diverse (i.e., young, old, overweight, athletic, non-athletic, tall, short, extrovert, introvert) women who have completed many sprint triathlons so it’s not just for extremists 😉

My goal with this website is to raise awareness about numerous important topics that affect our health, inspire YOU to try new things, and encourage YOU to be a leader and advocate for what YOU strongly believe in.

Feel free to leave some fantastic comments/feedback. I am always open to hear constructive criticism. Don’t forget to check out my specialized blogs which you will find on your right!

Be healthy and happy my friends!